The Children

This page will be dedicated to advocating for the children from Gemma's orphanage.  It will be broken into two sections.  'Children that Wait' and 'Chosen!'

 M's former orphanage is making great strides in improving the conditions, thanks to the new director. The orphanage will be kept open and new children will be brought in.  There will be no end to the new faces that need homes.  However, I believe that the children listed now for international adoption have been there for many years.  They are suffering from the years of neglect prior to the new improvements.  Their needs are immediate.  Let's give them a voice...

'Children that Wait' 

Tiya Age: 8 Diagnosis: Massive destruction of the brain matter, sub-cortical cysts, cortical atrophy; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; Symptomatic epilepsy; Hypotrophy; Premature puberty
This little girl has significant delays in all aspects of her development. She will turn her eyes and head in reaction to someone speaking to her. She stops crying if someone calls her name. She follows objects with her eyes.


Owen DOB: 2008
Diagnosis: Von Willebrand disease, epilepsy, strabismus and delayed neuropsychological development. Owen has been diagnosed with Von Williebrand disease and as a result is also anemic from the bleeding episodes. He is also reported to be very hyperactive and he’s currently being given medication to help calm him down so that he can focus better. The hope is that this will also reduce some of the bleeding episodes. His development is delayed, though he’s recently started making more developmental progress just to a change in his current environment. He walks and tries to run. He eats from a spoon. He is beginning to babble and make sounds. He plays in the children’s play room and enjoys going on walks with caregivers. He receives wilate treatments as needed for his condition.
Update 2014:   He has stable and consistent weight gain; walks stably and tries to run; produces random sound combinations; follows simple instructions; loves it when someone sings to him; builds up a pyramid of elements; plays with toy cars.

for more information email : with Global Adoption Services

Girl, born 2009
microcephaly; cerebral palsy – spastic quadriparesis; Congenital heart malformation, severe developmental delays

Sweet Gabby has some significant needs. She is tube-fed and on oxygen.  It has been reported that she is missing a large portion of her brain.
Gabby was at one time declared unfit for travel by medical professionals. A family would need to be prepared for that possibility.
The agency has additional information and videos available for inquiring families.


These children have been chosen by their forever families. Some are already home and some are still in process.  Please enjoy reading the journeys and giving support to these courageous families.





'Tommy' & Samantha









'Fallon' and 'Penny'









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