Monday, July 16, 2012

He's almost 16 and he needs a family!

UPDATE:  Tommy has a FAMILY coming for him....Susanna and her family found a way to adopt another child.  You can view their journey at

Tonight I want to share with you a posting from Susanna's blog.  She is advocating for an almost 16 year old that will be "lost" in the system when he turns 16.  There will be no more chances for him to be adopted.  You can see in the pictures below he is very small and is delayed due to neglect.  His underlying diagnosis is cerebral palsy.  Please read Susanna's words below and share his story with all who will listen.  Susanna was interested in adopting him herself but has been denied to adopt again this year. Let's find him a family!

From Susanna's blog:

URGENT NEED!  Please share this post wherever you can!  

Friends, I am crying out to the Lord and writing to you with my heart in my throat.  Please, O God, give me the words!  Bring the right family to see this post and say YES!

There is a boy sitting in the driveway with a Suburban backing toward him.
He is helpless to get himself to safety.  
He needs a family to kick off their shoes and run for his life.
Before it’s too late.

There are three things I may not tell you about him:

1.  I may not say where he is located.  If you think you know, I plead with you, do not speak it aloud!  Whisper it only to God!  It is absolutely imperative for this boy’s future that his location not be publicly revealed in any way!
2.  I may not tell you his birth name.
3.  I may not tell you his exact birth date.

Here’s what I can tell you:

This boy already has a story!  God has already been working in amazing ways to bring him out of obscurity into the light!
From the first time I saw him, he was Tommy to me, and until one night last week, I hoped he would someday be our little boy.  Our family is in the same category as some of you.  Our hearts are wide open to adopting children with special needs, but we do not qualify to adopt this year.  When I looked at this small boy, I thought, “We have time.”

Here he is again.  We didn’t know whether he was even available for adoption.

In the videos we have of him, his face lights up with the purest, sweetest, most joyous smile that I’ve ever seen shining out of a dark pit.  The million-dollar-smile!  Here is the video I can share with you:

And here’s a picture to help you get an idea of his size:

I should have known better than to guess at his age.  In this photo, he appears to be the size of a three-year-old, and I guessed his age to be maybe nine?  Ten?  Eleven at the most?
But when the news came, it struck with shocking, crushing finality.

Tommy turns sixteen early next year.

This sweet boy does not have time to wait for our family.  He doesn’t have much time at all.  His family would need to qualify now and move for him quickly, and we didn’t even know whether he was available for adoption!
As I sobbed my heart out over the death of my hopes, I also pled with the Lord!  O God!  Please!  Send him a mother who will love him as much as I do!    

Not long afterward, we learned that Tommy’s file was actually registered long ago with his government!  He is available for adoption!  Praised be God!!
From his official file:
Male child at 15 years of age, with the following diagnoses: Infantile Cerebral Palsy – Hypotonic form; Severe lagging behind in the physical and neuro-psychical development; Severe protein-caloric malnutrition – unspecified; Ectopic [undescended] testicle – condition after surgery for correction.  

It needs to be perfectly clear and understood:
No agency has Tommy’s file yet.  Here’s what needs to happen in order for an agency to obtain it and here’s what the process will look like:
His file can only be requested from his government at this point if there is a specific family “seriously” interested in him and “considering to adopt him” – according to the authorities’ official wording.  They will need to file a notarized (apostille is not necessary at this point) application with their personal data and some other specific information.  On the basis of this application the authorities will decide whether to assign the agency with his file or not.  As soon as the agency receives the file, they will obtain additional information (written, photos, videos) and will provide it to the family.  Then the family will officially and finally decide whether to commit to him or not.  From that point on, the adoption process would follow the usual procedure.

NOTE!  We are being careful to strictly follow the laws of his country in every particular of this post, and it has been reviewed and approved by a legal authority from his country.

If you think God may have Tommy for your family, or have any related questions that are not answered in this post, please email Shelley Bedford directly at

Pray!  Pray that God will send parents to love this precious little boy!  Pray that every obstacle will be swept from the path before them!  Pray that he will escape being sentenced to life imprisonment in a mental institution, like the one in this blog post, or this news article.  Please pray for Tommy and his future family!

And friends, I beg you shamelessly!  Would you please consider an act of love on Tommy’s behalf?  Even if you have never advocated for a child before, could you find it in your heart to share this post wherever you can?  The fact that Tommy is now being shown to the world is part of the unfolding miracle of his story.  Please share this post, and ask others to help pass it on.
To share on Facebook, Twitter, and by email, please click on the title of this post, then scroll down and look directly under Tommy’s picture below for the links you need.
Thank you, dear friends, with all my heart!


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