Friday, September 14, 2012

Inspiring Ramblings, and an Update

Just a quick 'hello' and discussion of an interesting phenomenon.

Interesting Phenomenon
With both of my children, while I was pregnant, I began dreaming about them some point in the pregnancy.  It always seemed to about the time I felt the first movements.  With my second child it was a little earlier, because a second mom KNOWS the fluttering feeling is her baby moving.   So somewhere around 10 weeks - 14 weeks into the pregnancies I felt the movement and then started incorporating them into my dreams of our family while I slept.  So this is totally subconscious, right?  Well, now I have an updated hypothesis as to the causality of this theory.  I don't think it was the movement that brought on the dreams, but something about the number of days or weeks that have gone by with the realization that you are on your way to being a parent again.  Last week for the first time my dreams included Gemma.  Last week marked 12 weeks from telling the adoption agency, "Look no further, we are on our way!"  God's design for parents included a loving heart for their children, no matter how they come to you. 

Quick 'Hello'
Today, we are on our way to get our biometric fingerprints done.  This is necessary for the Immigration service in the Washington to approve us for immigrating Gemma to the United States. I  received my FBI clearance back yesterday.  Paul's request for clearance was submitted 5 days after mine, so it should be here soon.  Those will get turned around and sent to DC to get apostilled by the Department of State.  Those are the remaining items left for our dossier to Bulgaria.  After the dossier goes to Bulgaria, get translated, and authenticated, and then goes to Minister of Justice, we can get our travel dates for our first trip.  Still, several months off probably.  Everyday is one less though....

I encourage you to stop by No Greater Joy Mom and read of her experiences at Gemma's orphanage.  Adeye and Anthony have adopted from China and Ukraine in the past; they are now adopting two children from Bulgaria. Their daughter, Hasya, lives in Gemma's orphanage and has for 14 years!  Adeye details in her post the conditions that Hasya and Gemma are living in and how they are worse then anything she has ever experienced in her prior adoptions.  Another post shows the difference a loving touch can make after just 4 days.  The posts are here and here.

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