Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share some amazing stats from Susanna over at Blessing of Verity.  She has posted "one year home" growth statistics on her daughter Katie.  Susanna was instrumental in breaking open the doors of Pleven for the world to see the damage done to so many children at the hands of orphanage staff and leadership. Please head over to her post to see the before and after growth numbers and pics.  All families engaged in adopting or thinking about adopting should find these numbers very comforting!

This Thanksgiving, among many things, I am thankful for Susanna, and Katie, and their entire family for propagating change and leading us to our daughter-to-be, Gemma.  Blessings to them as they start their second year at home with Katie and work to bring home another child, Tommy.

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