Monday, April 22, 2013

Let Us Not Grow Weary!

I'm back with another handsome face that needs a place to call home!  'Joseph' will be turning 16 on April 25th and will be out on the streets if his family doesn't find him!  We have 3 days to find an in-process/homestudy-ready family.  His special needs are abnormal development of cardiac system, recurrent infections of ENT organs and respiratory tract, and a humpback. 


Yes, there will always be more children that need homes,and yes, we just did 'this' and advocated for a young man that needed a home before his 16th.  But we are not to grow weary doing good (Galatians 6:9), so please pray and advocate for 'Joseph.'

Another opportunity to be a part of a child's life without adopting, is hosting.   New Horizons for Children is still taking applications for the Summer 2013 hosting program.  Their promotion video for this summer is below.

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