Friday, October 19, 2012


What happens to orphans who aren't adopted?  Well, it depends.  Sometimes they are shown the door at 16.  Told to fend off life on their own.  Without intervention, upon leaving the orphanage, 60% of girls will end up in prostitution, 70% of boys will be on the streets or in jail, and 15% will commit suicide within the first two years on their own.
Image from New Horizons for Children

In some countries, orphans that have not be chosen are transferred to adult mental institutions at age 5. Like little Sonny.  Among an adult population, they can be beaten, molested, left hungry.
Sonny after being transferred
Sonny before being transferred

Sometimes they are put in cages....yep, cages.  Julia over at Micah 6:8, spent 6 weeks in Ukraine, a requirement when adopting from Ukraine.  Please head over to her blog to read what she witnessed.  Her newly adopted son, Aaron, was living in an institution where sheds, cages, beds and cribs were used to contain the children.   Then when they age out of that "institution" there is an adult version. 
Boorie Ooglie, a men's institution, where those prone to running or violence are kept in cages

Boorie Ooglie, a men's institution, sheds for those who can't run
There is a ministry going on now, to help raise funds to purchase 200 fruit trees for the men at Boorie Ooglie.  You can read more about that project and purchase an apple tree for $5 on Natalie's blog, My Ukrainian Mission of Love.

There is so much need it can be overwhelming.  But no one is being called to do it alone.  Pray, share, give, adopt.

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