Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Six more to yell for!

Keith used to wait for someone to love him...
Keith before leaving the orphanage, 5 years old,  and 12 pounds
'But now, after just about 7 weeks home, this is our 5 year old Keith -- up to 21 pounds, full cheeks, crawling, sitting up on his own, standing if he holds on to something, laughing, loving, full of life and spunk, beautiful!!' (follow the Unroe's story at
What a difference that love made!  Now please consider the little ones that are still waiting in Gemma's orphanage...

 Harvey DOB: 2009

Diagnosis: Congenital anomaly of the central nervous system; Prosencephaly; Microcephalus; Symptomatic epilepsy; Spastic quadric paresis; Facial dismorphism
Harvey has a lot of complex medical needs. He’s currently tube fed to receive nutrition. Details on his medical condition and development are coming soon.

Theodore DOB: 2002

Diagnosis: spastic diplegia cerebral palsy (only effects lower body), severe malnutrition, lagging behind in all aspects of development.
Theodore has spent his life in an orphanage where he’s received very little care for his physical, mental or emotional needs. He’s recently been hospitalized several times to address some of his medical needs.
Theodore is 10 years old. He has CP and due to a lack of therapy, he does currently have contractures in some of his joints. Though he is 10 years old, he currently only weighs 36 pounds. His medical reports indicates that he can stand, feed himself with a spoon, makes sounds but isn’t yet talking, understands everything that is said to him, engages adults appropriately (shakes hands) and plays with toys. He’s described as a very happy little boy.
Additional photos are available for interested families.

Chad DOB: 2003

Diagnosis: delays in all aspects of development
Chad has lived his entire life in an orphanage where he has received very little medical care, therapy,education or intervention to help him to learn and grow. He’s very small for his age and delayed in all aspects of his development. In June 2012, he tested positive for TB and has been taking medication to treat it.
Additional photos and a video are available.

Kramer DOB: 2004

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
Kramer has lived his entire life in an orphanage where he has received very little medical care, therapy, interventions or attention. As a result, he’s significantly delayed in all aspects of his development. He is extremely small for his age, weighing just 25 pounds at 8 years old. In June 2012, he was hospitalized for evaluation and orthopedic medical intervention. A tenotomy was performed in the pelvic area to assist in his ability to better use his legs.
Kramer needs a family willing to provide the physical therapy and other medical/developmental care that he needs in order to reach his full potential. He’s never been given the opportunity to learn or do anything other than lie in a crib all day.
Additional photos of Kramer are available.

Garnet DOB: 2002

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy- quadriplegic
Garnet is 10 years old. She has spent her entire life in a crib. She can move her head and her upper body some. She is aware of everything going on around her and will follow activities with her eyes/head. She turns her head to look when people are talking. She can hold onto toys when they are given to her. She smiles at people when they talk to her and responds positively to touch.
She eats blended food from a bottle, though she is learning to eat from a spoon.
Additional photos and videos from August 2012 of Garnet are available.

UPDATE: Penny has a family!! You can read their story at
Penny is 11 years old.  She weighs 21 lbs!  She also has spent her life in the crib and she has cerebral palsy.  She has been neglected and forgotten but still smiles for the camera!  There are additional pictures and a video of her if you contact Shelley Bedford at with interest in making her your little one.

All of these children need families to RUN for them. Their files will be going back to their country in days! Penny's file has already returned. That means that other than by word-of-mouth, no one is advocating for them. We don't want their country to think that are truly unwanted! Pray, Share, Donate, Adopt!

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