Wednesday, October 3, 2012

While We are Waiting...

Well, we are waiting on the State department now to apostille our FBI clearances.  That is the last item for our dossier.  Then away it will go.  After they arrive in Bulgaria, it will take at least 5 weeks to hear about  a travel date. I am not sure how far in advance travel dates are offered, so it maybe into the new year before we travel.  The time frame that we are thinking she will be home keeps slipping.  I am trying to remain without expectations, and then be grateful for the time God chooses to make it happen.

In the meantime, we are fundraising through several small companies or individuals that offered to help.

Susan Godfrey is doing an online tupperware fundraiser for us through October 5th.

Wild Olive Tees has chosen us to be a featured family for their adoption fundraising program.  Wild Olive Tees is an online store for t-shirts for women and children.  The t-shirts all have beautiful graphics along with  an inspiring bible verse.  We need to sell 15 t-shirts to qualify for the fundraising program.  Starting with the 15th t-shirt sold $7.50 will be donated to Gemma's adoption fund.  The t-shirts are such a nice way to express faith that we will just do what we can, and if we make some money to cover some costs, all the better!

Wild Olive Adoption Fundraiser Tees

Our family code for ordering is BROWN927.

This code  MUST be used when checking out for it to benefit Gemma's adoption! During the checkout process, there will be a coupon code option under the shopping cart. Click on that box and it will open the coupon code field up in the left hand corner. That is where the code is applied.  This code will NOT provide a discount on the Adoption fundraiser Tees, it will be used solely to help track sales for our Fundraising efforts.

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